ATLAS ‘Xbox Crossplay launch October 8th + Mega Patch

ATLAS ‘Xbox Crossplay launch October 8th + Mega Patch

Tuesday 8 October the release of the next Mega Patch will take place, including Xbox Crossplay. In preparation to this, we are already working on a new 4×4 map. Below is a global summary of the settings that we are going to use:

  • Map Size 4×4
  • PvP (Settlements)
  • Maximum company island points 100
  • Maximum Company Members 6 Full Questline (Suitable for small groups)“`
  • SettlementFlagResourceUpkeepMultiplier = 0.2
  • x3 Farming / EXP / Skill Points
  • X5 Breeding / Taming
  • Exact details about the map and server settings will follow at a later time.

To warm up a bit, we are opening up our own server on Friday 4 October. On October 8 we will than hopefully welcome our Xbox friends.
New upcoming content has been taken into account on our upcoming new 4×4 folder. The map is arranged in such a way that there is sufficient space available for any new islands.

Before our server goes live, we will extensively test it before so that we are assured of a good start on Friday.

Of course we hope that as many people as possible join our server and that everyone invites his friends to do the same.

In the run-up to the release of our new 4×4 map, another giveaway promotion is taking place for a free copy of ATLAS. More about this later!

We are also curious as to whether there are players who would rather play pve? If there is enough enthusiasm for this, we can probably arrange something for these players

Changed Settings + Wipe

Hi all,

Based on player feedback, we have changed a number of server settigs. Through this message we inform you of this.

The maximum number of players in a tribe has been reduced to 2, this will making the server solo / duo.

Secondly, the wipe schedule has been adjusted from weekly to biweekly. The blueprints will bes be wiped monthly.

In anticipation of these changes, we have already wiped the server today and the new settings are active immediately. Check for the up-to-date settings and don’t forget to join our Discord Server.

Your feedback remains welcome to improve the server. Have Fun!

ToDo List:

Add more NPCs?

ISO: BLACKWOOD is coming!

Dear people

As you may know, ISO: BLACKWOOD is coming!

ISO: BLACKWOOD is a new handmade standalone map on which everything is present. This map is made in collaboration with a famous modder from ARK: Survival Evolved. According to hearing and saying this map would be larger than a single grid now.

Standalone map: No grid transfers & handmade islands

Since it is a standalone map, we are not dealing with grid transfers as is currently the case. The islands are also handmade and not generated and also have much better graphics. More information about ISO: BLACKWOOD can be found here: -more-r171 /

Community Server Inbound!

As soon as ISO: BLACKWOOD is released, we will also install it on our servers. This will not have any negative consequences for our other ATLAS servers. Since we have downscaled the map at the previous wipe, there is now enough space available to host ISO: BlACKWOOD next to it.

At this moment it is waiting for ISO: BLACKWOOD to be released. We will provide an update as soon as more information is available.

Community Update July:: New ATLAS Map + Give Away Action

Community Update July:: New ATLAS Map + Give Away Action

Be prepared for the new map:

This Friday our new map will go live at 6:00 PM. This new 3×3 map will contain all islands variants and also contains the complete questline, include 9 deep ocean trenches. We will also organize weekly events. Think about sloop races, bear fights and days with custom rates. we will give you a preview of the upcoming map soon as well as more detailed information. Our ATLAS page has already been partially updated, so click here to see in outlines what the settings will be for the new map.

Give away action 2 ATLAS keys

To celebrate our new map release, we are giving away 2 keys for ATLAS this Friday. Do you not yet have ATLAS or do you have friends who would like to have the game? Join our Discord now and win a free ATLAS copy! The raffle passes through a Discord bot.

That’s it for now! Don’t forget to join our Discord server and Steam Group


Don’t be mad get prepared! (FINAL WIPE)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have decided to downscale our ATLAS map to 3×3. This is because the number of players is too low to keep a 5×5 online. Unfortunately, this means that another wipe will take place. The average number of online players in the past week was only 2. I don’t think it is worth keeping 25 grids online.Don't be mad get prepared

With the downscaling of the map from 25 grids to 9 grids, I hope to attract a few more new players and to increase the number of players per grid. The upcoming summer vacation will help with this, I suspect. This also frees up space for hosting other games.

The new map will go online Friday 5 July 18:00. Until then, only the best islands are selected for our upcoming map. Also there is now enough time to extensively test the map so that the map works perfectly during the restart.

Of course, this will lead to an extremely unpleasant situation for some. However, downscaling without a wipe is not possible and continuing in this way is not an option.

The old map has already been taken offline. This so that the space can be used to test the upcoming server.

The new map will contain the full questline.

This will be the final wipe

New Fresh ATLAS Map + Server Wipe

Dear players,

Due a few annoying unfixable bugs and missing content on our map, we have decided to perform a wipe. Unfortunately, all progress will be lost as a result.

There is, however, a completely new map ready for you! The Freeports from the new map will open for you around [ETA] 16:00. Last checks of the map are currently being performed to prevent errors from the past.

Of course we also find wipes annoying. Unfortunately we see no other solution at the moment. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to see you in-game again soon!

Note: Map size & settings remain the same. Only the layout has been changed with new and existing islands. Preview of the map is coming within the a few minutes.


ATLAS: Submarines for all!

ATLAS: Submarines for all!

We just have installed a mod that will unlock the submarine skill for all our ATLAS players. You still have to collect all resources that needed for the submarine yourself but you no longer have to kill the Kraken to unlock the submarine skill.

The update will take place after 8 p.m. Until that time you can give sugestions for any other small changes that we can implement if necessary. No more mod sugestions, since we want to keep the servers stable.