ATLAS ‘Xbox Crossplay launch October 8th + Mega Patch

ATLAS ‘Xbox Crossplay launch October 8th + Mega Patch

Tuesday 8 October the release of the next Mega Patch will take place, including Xbox Crossplay. In preparation to this, we are already working on a new 4×4 map. Below is a global summary of the settings that we are going to use:

  • Map Size 4×4
  • PvP (Settlements)
  • Maximum company island points 100
  • Maximum Company Members 6 Full Questline (Suitable for small groups)“`
  • SettlementFlagResourceUpkeepMultiplier = 0.2
  • x3 Farming / EXP / Skill Points
  • X5 Breeding / Taming
  • Exact details about the map and server settings will follow at a later time.

To warm up a bit, we are opening up our own server on Friday 4 October. On October 8 we will than hopefully welcome our Xbox friends.
New upcoming content has been taken into account on our upcoming new 4×4 folder. The map is arranged in such a way that there is sufficient space available for any new islands.

Before our server goes live, we will extensively test it before so that we are assured of a good start on Friday.

Of course we hope that as many people as possible join our server and that everyone invites his friends to do the same.

In the run-up to the release of our new 4×4 map, another giveaway promotion is taking place for a free copy of ATLAS. More about this later!

We are also curious as to whether there are players who would rather play pve? If there is enough enthusiasm for this, we can probably arrange something for these players