Our new Palworld server is live!

Server Details:

EU/NL DJWK.EU, Vannila, PvE, Hatching x2


Difficulty: Normal
Death Penalty: Normal (Upon death, all equipment and material and items are dropped on the spot)
Hatching speed = x2
Max workers = 20
Max Guild size= 8
Decay time: 21d after no guild activity.
No Wipes!

How to Join:

Open Palworld.
Navigate to the server browser.
Enter “” in the address field.
Connect and dive into the Palworld experience!

Decay Function Enabled:

If a guild remains inactive for more than 3 weeks, their bases and assets will undergo despawning.
To prevent this, at least one member from the guild needs to log in every 3 weeks to reset the decay timers.

Keep Your Base Safe:

Simply log in once every 3 weeks to reset the decay timer for your guild’s assets.

Anti Cheat is active!