ISO: BLACKWOOD is coming!

Dear people

As you may know, ISO: BLACKWOOD is coming!

ISO: BLACKWOOD is a new handmade standalone map on which everything is present. This map is made in collaboration with a famous modder from ARK: Survival Evolved. According to hearing and saying this map would be larger than a single grid now.

Standalone map: No grid transfers & handmade islands

Since it is a standalone map, we are not dealing with grid transfers as is currently the case. The islands are also handmade and not generated and also have much better graphics. More information about ISO: BLACKWOOD can be found here: -more-r171 /

Community Server Inbound!

As soon as ISO: BLACKWOOD is released, we will also install it on our servers. This will not have any negative consequences for our other ATLAS servers. Since we have downscaled the map at the previous wipe, there is now enough space available to host ISO: BlACKWOOD next to it.

At this moment it is waiting for ISO: BLACKWOOD to be released. We will provide an update as soon as more information is available.