Sloop Race Event

Sloop Race

Next Race: Sunday 30 June (today) 18.30
Where: C3 (Freeport)
Participation: Max 2 people per sloop


A sloop race will take place tonight at 6:30 PM. A maximum of 2 players per company may participate in the race. All participants must be in C3 at 6:30 PM. Make sure your inventory is completely empty and you are not on a mount!

After you are asked if you are ready you will receive a TP to the event location and your inventory will be wiped again to be sure 🙂

If all players are present, the event can start and the doors will open! You will now make your sloop as quickly as possible in the shipyard
that is aready placed for you. You are allowed to use all raw materials that are present on the event island. This means that you can also make clothing and weapons that you can use during the race. Also don’t forget to make a bed and a little shelter against arrow rain: P

After 20 minutes everyone is ready for the start and standing next to their sloops and if the gates are opened the race can start!

The participants now sail as quickly as possible to a marker on the map. This marker will be visible on the map later today. There is a gate on this marker that serves as a finish. The finish will be in a Freeport where you will be welcomed by the spectators. I will also stream the event on Twitch for those who do not participate. This allows everyone to follow it live or watch it later.

Now the prices! (per team)

1st Prize: 2500 Mythos
2nd Prize: 1500 MythosATLAS Sloop
3rd Prize: 500 Mythos

Important information:

Participating teams must subscribe on Discord.