Don’t be mad get prepared! (FINAL WIPE)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have decided to downscale our ATLAS map to 3×3. This is because the number of players is too low to keep a 5×5 online. Unfortunately, this means that another wipe will take place. The average number of online players in the past week was only 2. I don’t think it is worth keeping 25 grids online.Don't be mad get prepared

With the downscaling of the map from 25 grids to 9 grids, I hope to attract a few more new players and to increase the number of players per grid. The upcoming summer vacation will help with this, I suspect. This also frees up space for hosting other games.

The new map will go online Friday 5 July 18:00. Until then, only the best islands are selected for our upcoming map. Also there is now enough time to extensively test the map so that the map works perfectly during the restart.

Of course, this will lead to an extremely unpleasant situation for some. However, downscaling without a wipe is not possible and continuing in this way is not an option.

The old map has already been taken offline. This so that the space can be used to test the upcoming server.

The new map will contain the full questline.

This will be the final wipe

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