ARK Server Rules


Social Rules

-Toxic behaviour is not allowed
-No continuous harassment
-No personal insults
-No racisms in any form
-No sexism(edited)

Game Rules

-Steam/character names with Human/123 or equivalent are not allowed.
-Offensive user names (Staff will change the set to whatever they want).
-No blocking of spawn points with any thing that can kill a player(Dinos, turrets, traps, etc).
-No teaming, as in helping defending against a raid, or assisting in raiding a tribe
-No Spawn kills on obelisk
-Don't abuse glitches/systems that are not meant to be.
-No exploiting
-No undermeshing
-No insiding
-Impersonating staff
-No killing of animals that are being tamed, this is considered griefing.
-No NPP abuse, as in blocking people in while you have NPP for the purpose of blocking them from expanding.
-It is not allowed to kill the animals someone is taming, especially if they are walled/boxed in (Also considered griefing, you do not gain anything by doing this).(edited)


-No building on obelisks (Player need to be able to start a boss fight and enter from at least one side)
-No building in important dino/resource locations (Wyverns trenches, rockdrake trenches, surface entrances)


-No raiding with inpenetrable movable objects/structures.
-FOB has to picked up or demolished 24 hours after a raid.
-It is not allowed to place ORP on FOBs.
-You can cage someone for a maximum amount for one hour or for the entire duration of a raid.
-A tribe may not besiege another tribe for more than 48 hours. It does not matter whether the raid was successful or not.
-The defending tribe may not be attacked by the same tribe for 3 days. The attacking tribe must remove their fob within 24 hours.
-In case of a successful raid, the defending party is entitled to 3 days NPP. This must be requested from an admin or the support who will assess the case.(edited)

It is not allowed to raft raid with turrets.


-ORP (offline raid protection)
-Max 2 orps per tribe per map
-If a tribe logs out during PvP, the ORP will become active after 5 hours (1 minute with no PvP). ORP protection is 75% in combination with 5x turret damge.


In case of a successful raid, the defending party is entitled to 3 days NPP. This must be requested from an admin or the support who will assess the case.


-Building is allowed in all caves except the Titan caves on Extinction.

*NOTE: A maximum of 2 caves per tribe per cluster may be claimed.


It is allowed to live in rat holes unless the following applies to the rathole in which you want to live:

-If you have to sit in a chair to enter.
-If you need a sleeping bag to enter.
-If meshing is included.
-All other glitches to get in to a rat hole.


-It is allowed to place spam around your own base.
-It is not allowed to place random spam all over the map for no reason.
-It is allowed to place spam during a raid. This should be cleaned up after the raid, just like the fob.

Note: Random spam will be removed.


If you want to leave a tribe, or switch to another tribe, you must first report this to the staff.

f you do not do that it will be seen as insiding in any case. This will make sure that you can split the resources fairly between the two parties involved. If a tribe isn’t able to split it fair, staff will intervene and assist in this matter. We are changing this because lately we had two cases of insiding were the core issue was that the person that left didn’t notify the tribe and just took some random items they thought belonged to them but the tribe disagreed but couldn’t do anything because he/she already took it.


-It is not allowed to place ORP on FOBs


In previous seasons we had a refund policy in which we would refund players their items/tames if for a glitch/bug reason they lost it.
Sadly our goodwill was abused multiple times as people asked for more items than they lost.
On top of that multiple people in the game were against the policy and so a vote was cast.
In this vote the majority of our community voted to abolish the refund policy, therefore NO REFUNDS.
Messages regarding refunds will simply be ignored from now on.

Important note: Always check our Discord server for the latest information. You will always find the most up-to-date information on our Discord server!