ARK Server Rules


This is a community PvPvE server. We want people to be able to build up, have adventures, build and tame whatever they like. The PvP aspect of this server means you can raid others, but do not raid with the intention of scaring off new players or tribes. Give people a chance in this game. PvP to your hearts content, but dirty fighting is not allowed! Happy surviving!

Social Rules

- No toxic behavior
- No continuous harassment
- No personal insults
- No racism in any form
- No Sexism
- No impersonating staff in game or on discord

Game Rules

- You may not create more than one character on our ARK cluster
- Steam/character names with human/123 or equivalent are not allowed
- Offensive user names are not allowed (staff will change them to whatever they want)
- No blocking spawn points with anything that can kill a player (f.e. dinos, turrets, traps)
- No teaming, so no assisting in raiding a tribe. Countering is allowed
- No spawn kills on obelisks
- No abusing glitches/bugs/systems that are not meant to be in the game
- No undermeshing
- No insiding
- No combat logging
- No killing off dinos that are being tamed
- No NPP/raid protection abuse.


- No building near obelisks. Players have to be able to start a boss fight or transfer off
- No building at 75-75 on Genesis
- No building in important dino and resource locations, like wyvern trenches
- No building inside the mesh


- No raiding with impenetrable movable objects/structures
- Platform builds are allowed in raids, but the dino must be able to get hit by turrets
- No raiding with rafts fitted with turrets
- No using floating structures is not allowed in PVP
- It is not allowed to place an ORP on a FOB
- Tribes can cage other survivors for a maximum of 60 minutes in any case
- A tribe may not raid another tribe for more than 48 hours. It does not matter whether the raid was successful or not
- The defending tribe may not be raided by the same tribe for 3 days after a raid has finished
- In case of a successful raid, the defeated tribe is entitled to 3 days of 100% raid protection, this must be requested in #create-ticket

rules pertaining to raiding do not apply in open world PVP


- Protection = 75%
- Turret damage = 300%
- Activation time = 1 minute
- Activation time while pvp/raid flagged = 300 minutes
- No ORP in ice cave on Island
- No ORP in shadow cave on Aberration
- No ORP in glowtail cave on Aberration


- New tribes receive 5 days of protection
- Protection only applies to structures, NOT to players & dinos
NPP expires in the following cases

- When a tribe member reaches level 100
- When the tribe admin manually removes the NPP with /removenpp
- When the timer of 5 days runs out, regardless of the player’s maximum level
If the system is being abused, your NPP will be removed


- No building in the titan caves on Extinction
- A maximum of 2 caves may be claimed per tribe across the cluster
- Cave damage is 6x

If you decide to build in an artifact cave make sure the artifact is accessible for thos in need


It is not allowed to build in a rat hole if the following applies

- If you have to sit in a chair to enter
- If you need a sleeping bag to enter
- If you need to KO to enter
- If meshing is included
- Any other glitches/cheese-mechanics to enter a rat hole


- It is allowed to place spam around your own base
- It is not allowed to place random spam on the map
- It is allowed to place spam during a raid, but this has to be cleaned up with the fob
- Random spam will be removed


- Must be reported to staff if not all parties are in agreement, so belongings can be split in a fair manner. If you do not do this, it will be seen as insiding


- It is not allowed to place ORP on your FOB
- FOB must be removed within 24 hours after a raid has finished


- No refunds due to bugs/glitches/getting arked

*In previous seasons we’ve had a refund policy. Sadly our goodwill was abused a lot so therefore: NO REFUNDS*

Important note: Always check our Discord server for the latest information. You will always find the most up-to-date information on our Discord server!