DJWK.EU Pirate Crusade Hx3, XPx3, Tx5
Live map and more will be back soon!
Direct connect link: steam://connect/
last update: 17/04/2022


Social Rules

- No toxic behavior
- No continuous harassment
- No personal insults
- No racism in any form
- No Sexism
- No impersonating staff


The freeport on this server is a safe & trading zones. It is not allowed to kill other players, ships and tames without reason. Give new players a opportunity to start and / or build something!


It is not allowed to equip your shipyards with cannons while a ship is under construction here.

By placing cannons in your shipyard you still run the risk that your ship is being attacked by canons of the enemy.

This applies to all shipyards with ships that have not yet been released. Place any cannons at least 2 foundations away from your shipyard.

killing passive animals

It is not allowed to kill random passive animals. While raiding this is not a problem but killing passive animals that are just outside or walking around (for example animals from new players) is undesirable.

Traders Bay (Central Maw)

It is allowed to place shops in Traders Bay. A pirate pub where we can drink rum and party together is also allowed.

It is not allowed to build a base in Traders Bay for the purpose of saving loot. These will be deleted without notice.

With the exception of the shops and pirate bars, it is therefore not permitted to settle here permanently.

What is allowed globally?

-Small buildings for the shops and pirate bars.
-A smitty to create / repair items
-Placing beds
-A storage for storing the rum, for example.
-Campfires and cooking related items.

So what is not allowed globally?

-Storage boxes with loot to serve as safe storage.
-Storage boxes with raided loot.

Storage boxes will be checked frequently for content to see if Traders Bay is not being abused


Settings & Rates

Map Size: 3x3
PvP (The free port should be considered a PvE zone. In the short term this will be forced with the help of a plugin.)
XP: x3
Harvesting: x3
Taming: x5
TreasureGoldMultiplier: x3
Tribe limit: 3
Max island points per tribe: 100
Floatsome quality: 1.4


Noone for now