Rust Rules


DJWK.EU Monthly x3 Trio ORP/Shop/Home Starter/Noob friendly

How to connect?

Press the F1 key to open the game console.
Type the command:
And press Enter.

Map Size

Map 3200 / 258743339 -

Wipe Schedule

Map Wipe: Every first Thursday of the month (Standard RUST wipe schedule)
Blueprint Wipe: Every odd month


Resource rates x3

2K Stacks (Only for resources)
TP Home
Quick smelt + split
50% Upkeep
Auto doors
Merged Outpost/Bandit Camp

Offline Raid Protection

AFK Timeout: To activate Offline Raid Protection, you must be offline/AFK for at least 10 minutes.
Damage Reduction: While offline raid protection is active, damage is scaled as follows:

  • 0-1h: 20% Protection
  • 0-2h: 40% Protection
  • 2-48h: 60% Protection
  • 48h+: 0% Protection (Protection will be removed after 48h inactivity)


Remover Tool
Furnace Splitter
Rust Kits
Death Notes
GUI Shop
Info Panel
Auto Doors
Rust game ban checker
Anti Offline Raid
Item Skin Randomizer

Gameplay Rules

• No Cheating or Hacking: Any use of cheats, hacks, or exploiting game glitches is strictly forbidden.
• No Griefing: Do not harass, stalk, or intentionally annoy other players. Engage in fair and respectful gameplay.
• Don’t be to toxic: Insults, hate speech, or discrimination will not be tolerated. Keep chat and voice interactions respectful.
• No Base Camping: Do not excessively camp or harass players at their bases, making it impossible for them to leave.
• No Spamming: Avoid spamming chat, voice, or other forms of communication.
• No Door Camping: Camping outside a player's door repeatedly is discouraged. Give them a chance to exit their base safely.