Last Ship Floating Event.

The event consists of giving each company that is participating an armed schooner to be used against the other companies. On top of it being armed each schooner will have a box with a certain amount of structures to be used to be placed on the ship as your company sees fit to aid you in the event.

Location: Check Discord
Time of event: Check Discord
Start of event: Check Discord

Please arrive on time so you can place the given structures on your ship. You can leave your own ships safely at your island for everyone should be able to spawn at the Freeport.

Each team will be given SEVEN spare planks and THREE GUNPORTS to cover up holes, utility items such as repair hammers, and a certain amount of repair resources to keep you floating……for a while that is.

On top of that each ship will be handed out 400 cannonballs. It is important to stay in the fight, sailing away during the battle only to come back later after companies are already taken out will be seen as unfair gameplay. You can be excluded of winning a prize if found competing unfairly. Per ship two members of the designated company can attend to keep it decently fair versus solo players that are participating.

Prizes are as following:

1th prize: 5000 gold and 800 mythos

2th: prize: 3500 gold and 500 mythos

3th: prize 1000 gold and 150 mythos We hope to see as many of you at the event!