Kraken Event

Get ready for the Kraken Event and receive the Submarine Skill!

When: Check Discord
Where: We meet in Traders Bay (Central Maw)
Duration: Up to one hour

Everyone who participates will unlock the Submarine Skill and also will get some nice XP.

How does it work?

A Galleon will be waiting for you in Traders Bay. This Galleon is equipped with cannons and a number of boxes with revolvers and bows. When everyone is ready, an admin will spawn in a Kraken and reduces his health to around 10%. The designated Captain will now sails as close as possible to the Kraken. All participants have to help now to kill the Kraken. This is important because otherwise you will not unlock the Submarine skill.

After we have killed the Kraken you should have automatically unlocked the Submarine skill. The captain now sails the ship back to traders bay (If still possible: P) after which the event has ended.

In short:

Meet in Traders Bay
Admin will spawn a Kraken and brings his health back to 10%
Captain will sail the Galleon as close as possible to the Kraken so all participants can help to kill the Kraken.
Submarine Skill is now unlocked.

The Galleon will be equipped with cannons and sufficient canon balls. Only the captain can use this. Boxes with revolvers and bows are available for the other participants

You can safely park your own ship in the port of Traders Bay so that you do not lose it during the event.